Spiritual interior design

“Designing  harmonious spaces for the soul”

Have you ever visited a house or room where you just felt so at home, calm and peaceful, without really knowing why? When our energy and vibration are in synchronicity with our personal space we can have an immense feeling of comfort and well being. Personalised Spiritual Interiors, is not just about making an aligned, balanced and harmonised space, it is about designing the bedroom to complete the body mind and spirit of the individual, to heal and nurture each persons unique intimate calling. Not everybody knows what their spirit requires for a calming environment, a beautifully designed interior is not always enough, it is at the soul level, where we aim to reach within to make a deeper connection to help realise the hearts desire.

So if we can consider our home interior as our second skin, to complete the process, we evolve from the interior design of the space to the individuals spiritual personal requirements, colour specification is related to the individuals energy requirements, artworks for fulfilment of the soul at a subconscious level and a vibrational healing, using crystal & aroma complimentary pre-sleep rituals to, complete the full package. Our personal space is very revealing as to how we treat, connect and value ourself as an individual.

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How does it work?

A personalised service to advise the client on how to decorate their interior space in alignment with their energy at a soul level, normally designed for the bedroom and includes a totally individual interior scheme. The client is given a personalised visual mood board for their bedroom, with inspirational images, colour references and rough shopping guide on how to realise their re-energised space/ bedroom.

· Working on colours to soothe the spirit

· Textures or fabrics that comfort at a vibrational level

· Patterns or images that compliment the journey of the individual invoke

· Personal peace / inspiration/ vitality – every journey is different & no 2 souls are identical

· Specification of bed time crystals to assist sleep or healing

· Specification of essential oils to heal and cleanse

· Complimentary bed time ritual or meditation



 You can expect to feel more grounded loving and peaceful
Your bedroom will be transformed into a space of an indulgent refuge from the world
More at peace with yourself and happy to spend time in your bedroom
Less requirement from the outside world & more comfortable to be in your own sanctuary
Increased connection to self and the specialness of you.


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