Energy therapist

“We are energy, everything is energy …”

As an energy therapist, I work at a subtle level, to assist my clients to liberate and balance the energies in their systems to help find harmony within.

Offered from a space of neutrality, peace and light, I help those in search of self knowledge & enhanced energy to connect to the healing force to find love and tranquility.

I began my career as a textile designer – curious about pattern, the pattern of life and life itself – while being fully engaged on a path of spiritual growth. After various episodes of extreme personal experiences, it was time for further study. Following a period of extensive explorations & learnings from masters, teachers & guides, I embarked on a a 2 year training in Energy Reading. INSIGHT was consequently founded to help participants find answers to their personal questions.

This training  was swiftly followed by various courses in Access Consciousness, which then formed REFRESH, combining The Bars and evolving energy release.

ZOH-HOME is the 3rd component of the ZOH-LIVING. Integrating INSIGHT with my 30 years experience of textiles, design & colour I can offer a complete package in Spiritual Interior Design to help soothe the soul at an intimate level.



  • Masters in Design – Central St. Martins, London
  • Graduate in Clairvoyance & Psychic Studies – The School of Life for Authentic Living, Barcelona
  • Access Bars, Access Consciousness – Girona & Barcelona
  • Face Lift, Access Consciousness – Barcelona
  • Body Process, Access Consciousness – Barcelona
  • Tantra of the Heart Diploma – Cataluña
  • Process of Ascension 2021-2022 – Barcelona
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