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Opening to new posibillities


“We are energy, everything is energy”

As a therapist my work is to support people in connecting to their personal energy fields, either at a conscious or subconscious level, allowing them to enrich their lives on a day to day basis.
Since we are all energy, and everything around us is as well, it is important to align and liberate our being to find a sense of harmony and peace.

There are 3 types of sessions, Insight, Refresh and Home, all available in Spanish and English.


Energy reading

Do you need some questions answered?
Do you need clear sight?

Trust yourself to ask what you need to know. A simple structure of 3 questions in relation to areas in your life you wish to unblock, for example in relation to health, love, interpersonal or work issues.

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Energy cleansing

Do you need to reset and refresh?
Is it time to get rid of past negative baggage to create space for the new?

THE BARS is a non invasive energy healing therapy to stimulate positive change in the brain and release physical & mental blocks stored in the body.

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Spiritual interiors

Do you feel a need to reconnect & love yourself more?
Do you need your own space of intimacy?

We can work together to convert your bedroom into a haven, blending your inner being to your surroundings to add meaning and value in your home.

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