Isaac Andrés Fernández, artist and astrologist, 43


My experience was very positive and Zoe made me feel very comfortable at all times. I really liked the large number of resources and exercises that she gave me for each of the topics we saw. Being at a distance, I loved that she sent me everything in a letter! I recommend it without a doubt.


Carmina Alvarez, retired teacher, 67

Chakra and aura reading

It was the first time I had done work like this and throughout reading, I was surprised that the information that came in was entirely related to how I felt about myself. Some aspects of the chakra reading in particular were surprising to me, as if they had nothing to do with me, but it is clear that there is information about us that we do not know. Reading our interior reveals our side hidden from consciousness and it is necessary to look at it, recognize it and work on it to continue evolving.


Delia Minguez, Gestalt therapist, 63


The reading was not something alien to me, that surprised me, it was something that resonated within me and its reading brought it to the fore. The work told me to take charge of all those issues that were latent and that conditioned my life. It really is a feeling, like seeing yourself in a very deep way. But it’s not only information; at the same time you get very concrete solutions. I am very satisfied and happy with the reading.

Susan F, University Business Development, Melbourne Australia, 57


I had a reading with Zoe and was surprised by the session but also amazed at how the session kept giving new insights over time. In new contexts the information from the session became even more relevant. I listened again and was shocked at the accuracy and how new learnings specific to new situations were revealed over time.

Zoe is articulate, kind and gentle as a conduit for the guides. The information will be life changing. She interprets and translates beautiful messages from your guides.




Molly Malcolm, actress, 48


The moment you walk into Zoe’s space all tension releases. It’s as if you were walking home. A home that has always been within you but one you have temporarily forgotten. A remembering and discovery of who you are. She is an alchemist of touch and love. She gives you a neurological download of all that you are capable of and you start to see and feel things differently. Allow her to do her work and your system makes the necessary changes.


Laura De Miguel Mateos, hospitality, 44


The Bars treatment that I received immersed me in a very beautiful internal peace, enveloped me in tranquility and serenity. It also helped me in the days following the treatment, feeling the peace and serenity transporting me back to that moment of neutrality towards life, to be an observer of it.


Marta Berengueras, administration, 45


I did the Bars treatment with Zoe. During the massage I felt very calm and light, and the following days I was surprised that small conflicts with my family were resolved. Everything became easier.


Richard R Young, higher education marketing consultant, age 59


Access Bars was a unique and enjoyable process  – Zoe was very gentle and professional and took time to explain this most relaxing procedure in advance. There was a true sense of lightness after the session and I did feel less egoistic (less negative thinking) and more optimistic about life afterwards for a long while. I would say it was a very worthwhile experience that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to have a reset about entrenched ideas and views about people, places or events.




Paksha Evangelista, entrepreneur and therapist, 49


My experience with Zoe has been a gift. Do you know of those moments when something is missing and you don’t know what? Well I was at this time. On the first visit, I was almost lazy about having to make any changes. Zoe has arrived with her calm and tenderness, feeling the physical and energetic space. In less than 30min, she was already putting her suggestions into practice and we were both moving the furniture.

Suddenly the magic was happening, with just two small changes breathed more lightness and harmony. The second phase was the reading that she made of the space. She then shared with me all the possibilities that were available to me. It was a process of liberation and connection at the same time. It is important to mention that the design, the colors, the textures, the smells and the ritual have been the icing on the cake.

The beauty is that all this information has been channeled and the result has been impressive. What has this experience given me? I sleep soundly and when I wake up I am energized to start the day. My room is cozier and lighter and connects me with gratitude.

I recommend that you live this physical, energetic and spiritual experience that Zoe brings us with her wonderful work. Thanks Zoe!

Miriam Sans Ollé, psychologist and  Gestalt therapist


Zoe’s interior design for my soul has been a real treat for me. On Seeing her visual proposal I have felt at home. Zoe has given me the vision and I am enjoying planning how to carry out the project, calmly and lovingly. I am also doing the rituals that she has proposed to me and this has helped me to create a space of recollection for me every night, a way to close the day. The essence of geranium that she have recommended is very good and, although I did not have it present as a scent that I liked, now my room has a scent that I love and it relaxes me. I also do the work with the stone and I apply the oil that she proposed to me daily. These routines have led me to do a meditation afterwards and now the night ritual in my room is one of my favourite moments of the day.

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